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What Our Customers are Saying about Stirn Holsters
These are some of the best holsters I've seen. Eric does great work and so does his artist. He has a guarantee that I can promise you won't consider cashing in on because why would you trade the perfection of a Stirn holster for something mediocre like any other holster on the market.
-Nate B.
Very comfortable! Great quality holster! Just wish I could get another in clear leather!
- Michael H.
Without a doubt the most comfortable IWB holster I've ever owned. I have ordered holster after holster trying to find the best IWB, spent hundreds of dollars on the big name brands that let me down. Neither am I a fan of Kydex, or plastic holsters, my pistols will still get holster wear from my leather holster I know, but long after they would have gotten wear from that other stuff. I'll stick to STIRN Holsters from here on out, next up will be a brown IWB for my Colt Defender!! Yes Indeed, Yes Indeed!!!!
- Tommy J.


Have to put on my dunce hat for a second. I formally met Eric Stirnkorb at the benefit at ready line and I ordered my first IWB holster. Now those that know me know that I'm slightly stubborn and I stick to what I know, being open carrying in a serpa. I didn't want my fat being smashed in by a IWB or have to buy bigger pants just because I want to conceal (I only have full size pistols). Well I met up with Eric last night to pick up the finished product and holy fu*k. It's by far the most comfortable holster I've ever had. Even sitting down or driving with it on I completely forget it's there. On top of that, I didn't need to buy new pants and there's literally no way to see imprinting in my shirt or pants that I'm carrying a full size Wilson combat 92. The icing on the cake is the craftsmanship that goes into these holsters. I would expect to pay 150 for this holster, not 80. The quality and attention to detail on his holsters is second to none. I'm a customer for life and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. Go check out Stirn Holsters ASAP.

- Matt C.



First off, nobody will be disappointed after buying a holster from Stirn Holsters. My IWB holster is very comfortable. When putting my holster on for the first time I was impressed with how fast the leather conformed to my side. These are the kind of holsters you can be wearing and easily fall asleep and not even notice it. There are three different heights for adjusting where the two belt clips sit when wearing the holster, this is great because it gives a very custom fit. Also, the shape of the holster is very unique, it does not look plain and boring like so many other holsters. At first, the large piece of leather that sits against your side looks like it might not be that comfortable, but seriously, it really does make the holster very comfortable. As I collect more handguns, I will also be buying more Stirn Holsters. Thanks a lot Eric!!!

-Dave C.


Quick review on my holster...the leather is super comfortable. I can wear it while driving and barely notice it. It holds my gun nice and snug and allows for an easy draw. It shows you get what you pay for. Excellent quality! Oh doesn't hurt that it's bad ass looking.

- Jeff C.


5 star is no bull sh** people. I have put at least 10 different IWB holsters made of Leather on my hip and none feel as comfortable as a STIRN. I have had mine for about 2 hours now and the leather has fallen into the shape of my hip very comfortably, and i have drawn the gun about 40 times now to break the stiffness and its great now. Perfect retension and comfort now. Eric also tooled in the milling of my Glock's slide perfectly with just a cell phone picture he took at the range. The lines match up and run continuously into my gun. Worth every dollar I paid to have this holster made. Customer service is great as well eric gave updates every step of the way. And finally it's a 100% Anerican Made holster by a local guy. Next is an OWB with some art!

-Shane G.


So I bought a holster from Stirn Holsters and I love it. My comfort level has improved greatly ever since I started using it. I carry on a constant bases at home and work and I enjoy it so much that I forget I am wearing it. The craftsmanship, time and effort put into this holster is the best I have seen for holsters. All I know is that if anyone asks me if i have any good recommendations for a holster, I will say Stirn Holsters is where you want to go! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

- Christopher S.


Wanted to get some use out of my holster before leaving a review. Must say it is the most comfortable holster I have ever owned and is holding up great. Will buy from again.

-Andrew C.


Had an all around pleasant experience. The holster turned out beyond amazing and the customer service throughout the process was superb. I will definitely use Stirn Holsters again!

-Chelsey G.


Very happy customer! The quality and comfort of Stirn holsters is top notch. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks for going above and beyond to make my holsters work for me!

-John G.


Excellent craftsmanship ..honest people and a quick turn around with stirn in confidence

-Aaron R.


Absolutely amazing. High quality, great craftsmanship. Highly recommend.

-Richard M.

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